This guitar is the origin
of a new style of music.


All musicians have a special relationship with their instrument, but Tonino has a special affection for this guitar with which he has written a new page in the history of music.

In 1990 the Gipsy Kings were touring the United States in Los Angeles and Tonino Baliardo, a passionate musician, tried out instruments in the Guitar Center shop. Almost by chance he discovered the white Gibson Chet Atkins.

It seduced me by its colour,” says Tonino, “and when I tried it out I was completely seduced. Wow, that sound! I fell in love with this guitar, even though it was so far from my style of music.

The idea came as an evidence : fusing this very special sound with traditional flamenco rumba.

Spanish dry guitars have always been used and no one has ever thought of or dared to use anything else.

My heart fell in love with it,” says Tonino, “and the audience at our first concert was so excited, it was absolutely wonderful.

From that day on, Rumba Flamenca became Rumba Pop and over time Rumba Gipsy Kings.

signature TONINO BALIARDO - Gipsy Kings